6 Best Tips and Triks for Your Nexus 6

For the Nexus 6 lovers here are some useful and interesting tips and ideas, you probably need them, check these out :


  1. You can make its size to be more manageable
    It is pretty hard to hold and operate this phone especially if you have small hand,to finish  your text messaging problem, try  to install Swiftkey. The  keyboard can be positioned on the right or the left  screen, it makes the phone  more comfortable to type on. When  you have finished installed the appication, please  follow the instructions to make Swiftkey your default app.
  2. Please Get your priority straight
    Talk  about prioritizing your Nexus 6 notifications, we can decide which notifications are worth being disturbed for and not, the simple steps are ; go  to Settings, choose Sound & Notifications, you can choose which applications suppose to  have notifications blocked or be set as a priorit.
  3. Then Switch to Messenger
    Simple way to make your texting activity more fun just do these steps which is simple and colorful it  can be set up as the default SMS/MMS application in just some  steps. Please go  into Settings, choose more, then  Default SMS application. Now you suppose tap on it and seelect  the application  you want.
  4. Confine access for guests
    A brilliant feature which  Google applied  with Android Lollipop is the capabillity  to use multiple accounts on one phone. You could  create a guest account for other users, and you can confined  access to applicaton  and some services within it. It’s good  to be used when you have  to share your phone with other people.
  5. How to do Smart lock
    This tips is very helpful for you,  Android phone have a function it  means that you don’t have to use a pin code if  you’re in a trusted location for instance whhen you are in your home, but it is only if  you’ve added that location to Google Maps.
    Head  to Security > then Smart lock > and enter your pin number and head  to Trusted places > after that Add a trusted place. This  means that you don’t have  to enter a pin code when your phone is in this location.
  6. You can access the  battery settings fast
    Just for your information, you  can access your battery settings without enter the settings menu  just  Swipe down from the top of the screen two times  (or you can swipe down once with your two fingers), and then tap the battery icon, and you would  be taken straight there.

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