Tips Improving Nexus 6 Battery Life By Decreasing Screen Resolution Without Root

In Nexus 6, sometimes the screen performance has impact on the battery. The work of screen makes the device hot, and at the same times, it also creates issues like prolonging the time for apps to work.

If you have such a problem, please do not worry about that. One way you can do to improve the battery performance is by decreasing the resolution of the screen. What you should do is just to plug in the phone and run several command.

Here are the commands to reduce the screen resolution:

Firstly: You have to download and install ADB and USB drivers from XDA (Click Yes for everything and hit enter)

Secondly: In your phone, please go to Settings then Developer options on your Nexus 6 and enable USB debugging. Please note that in some cases, Developer options do not appear in the Settings. If you have this case, just go to About phone and tap on build number five to six times.

Thirdly: Please Connect your phone to the PC using USB cable

Fourthly: Watch the computer screen, hit the Windows key and type in CMD and press Enter

Fivethly: Type all of the following commands, and press Enter after each command is writen:

  • adb shell wm size 720×1280
  • adb shell wm density 280 && adb reboot
  • adb shell wm size 1440×2560
  • adb shell wm density 560 && adb reboot

The methods to decrease the screen resolution will have positive impact on the length of battery power, decrease the heat issues of your phones, as well as reduce the time to start your applications.

However, the viewing experience may not as crisp as before. In addition, the navigation elements in some apps may display a bigger than usual size. This also happens in picture thumbnails in some apps like Contacts etc, which may sometimes display quarter of their original size.

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