Tips to Install New Boot Animation of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on any Android device

The latest Android version is – as we know- named Marshmallow. In this version of Android we’ll get numerous exciting changes on the device. They are including “Now on Tap” feature that will provide relevant information about any screen at the press of a button.

But, if you can’t wait for the update until this fall, you can have a bit of taste of Android Marshmallow. We would like to show you how to have an awesome boot animation of the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow. All you have to do are rooting the device, copy the file in a folder, set permissions, and then reboot.

  1. Make sure that your device has been rooted. But, there is one thing to know that most Samsung devices are not compatible with these Android boot animation files, so this tutorial will not work on any Galaxy devices, unless your device is running on AOSP-based custom ROM.
    To start, click on this link so you will be automatically go to your web browser, and then the new boot animation file should be downloaded immediately. Once it’s finished, use any root-enabled file browser to go to the Download folder in your phone storage, and then copy the file.
    Now, go to the partition of your device, and then open the system folder. Continuing by opening the media folder, make sure that you have set this device as read/write so you can make any changes to the files inside.
    After that, long press the file and then choose “Rename” and then add “.bak” at the end of the file name, press OK.
  2. The file is still in your clipboard, and then go ahead and press the “Copy here” or “Paste” button in your file browser. After that, long-press the file, and choose “Permissions”.
    Here, make sure that the “Owner” category is set as “Read and Write” and the other categories are set as “Read”. Once you’ve finished, click on OK. And then you are ready to try the new boot animation of Android Marshmallow.
    To see the action of the boot animation, just simply restart your phone. Now, you can see the change of Android boot animation.

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