Tips to Manage Notifications on your Nexus 6

Do you know that there are some tips to wrangle notifications into submission on the Nexus 6? These are the tips:

manage notifications on nexus 6

In Nexus, notification is available in two places, which are in the notification drawer (and a corresponding icon in the status bar) and in the lock screen.

To dismiss the notification in the notification drawer or from the lock screen, user can just double tap them. Any notifications can also be swiped to the left or the right. There are some main options to the notification, which are: Block Notifications and Set as priority. These setting is available once you go to Settings app, tapping on Sounds and Notifications, then App Notifications.

You can adjust the behavior of notifications by entering to the menu Sound & Notification. Just tap on the When device is locked to choose between Show all notification content or don’t show notifications at all.

Generally, the notification sounds are various. But, general notifications use the same default tone. The sound can be modified by entering Sound & notification menu, and then tap the Default notification ringtone. Finally, you can just select one of the tones available, then tapping OK.

If you select “Block notifications”, it means you prevent the app from sending you any notifications. However, if you select “Set as priority”, you will pins the notifications from that app to the top of the list of notifications in your phone.

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