Tips & Tricks to Improve Nexus 6 Camera

Google is now improving the Camera which includes on Android Lollipop to satisfy you in taking better pictures. Currently the Nexus 6 is on the top of its achievements as the best camera hardware inside a Nexus device with the best native app for taking snaps. Take a look on our post below about tips and tricks to take better photos on Google Nexus 6 camera.

nexus 6 camera

Turn of HDR

The HDR in the Nexus 6 camera is only a tap away. Tap on More when you are in photo snapping mode, and then select the HDR button. The HDR helps you to even out the colors, shadows and highlights of a picture only by taking several shots in a row and combining them together. Thus, you should be a little bit patient because taking an HDR picture needs a few milliseconds longer than usual.

The Rule of Thirds

You may have heard about the rule of thirds and it applies to photography. This is a tip that applies without considering what phone or camera you are using. This works like this: the frame is split up into nine rectangular segments and you should get the best elements in the scene somewhere near the grid lines or their intersections.

If you tap on the More menu, and then tap on the grid symbol you will see those nine boxes. This will help you frame your shot in the most appealing way. Tap on the screen to focus when you’ve got the composition right.

Add Some Lens Blur

You might not so familiar with the some features available in the Android Lollipop camera. Besides Panorama and Photo Sphere there is also Lens Blur. This is best used for close-up objects when you want a blurred background.

Lighting is Important

There is no specific rule about lighting in your shots. But you need to be aware of the differences of your decision. The Nexus 6 camera has a good ability in low-light performance, so you will get a clearer image without flash.

If you dislike taking pictures with a full lighting kit on your Nexus 6, consider the natural and artificial light. Make sure faces are well and lit from the front, and if you can’t change the position just change the subject’s position.

Apply Effects and Edits

The Nexus 6 camera provides editing and filtering tools that you might not have discovered. Swipe left from the camera shutter screen to open up your recent photos and then tap on the edit icon signed with pencil symbol. This is used to begin making changes on the picture.

Install Third-party Apps

Of course you can install the third-party apps as alternative camera utility. For example: Camera Zoom FX that beefs up the number of the options, so you can adjust white balance and ISO levels as well as set up time lapse recordings.

Camera360 Ultimate is also a good idea, it supports more casual users and lets you to play around with different filters and editing effects, including HDR.

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