Ways to Disable Forced Encryption on Rooted Nexus 6

There have been many reports that people feel that their Nexus 6 perform slowly from time to time. Some Android communities find that the cause of this problem lies on the forced encryption on Android Lollipop.

How to Disable Forced Encryption on Nexus 6

Also, we heard that many custom ROMS and Kernels for the Nexus 6 are built from unencrypted custom ROMS. This means that the Nexus 6 has to be unencrypted before we can flash a custom ROM/Kernel. This custom ROM/Kernel is also unencrypted.

Here, there is good news. Facing those kinds of problems, the bbedward from XDA has created custom boot IMG for the Nexus 6. Using this, the user of Nexus 6 can disable forced encryption without too much effort.

To do so, these are the step-by-step ways to disable forced encryption on rooted Nexus 6. Please note that this process will remove all data from your phone. So, please backup any important information.

Before all of these processes, the Nexus 6 needs to be rooted first. If it is not, please follow this guide first: how to root Nexus 6.

  1. Please go into Settings > About phone. Please write for your own what the build number is. We will need it in step 2.
  2. Please download the correct “boot_noforceencrypt_XXXXXX.img” depending on your build number to your phone. Please use links below to download.
  3. Further, please download Flashify app from the Play Store using the following link .
    Download Flashify from Play Store
  4. After that, open up the Flashify app and tap on “Accept”. Then, a Superuser request pop up will show up. Please tap on “GRANT”.
  5. Further, please select “Boot Image” > “Choose a file” > “File explorer” > “sdcard”. Now locate the”boot_noforceencrypt_XXXXXX.img” you downloaded in step 2. Usually, if you download the file directly to your phone, the file is saved in the “Download” folder.
  6. Now, select the “boot_noforceencrypt_XXXXXX.img” and select “Yup!”.
  7. After that, tap on “Flash more” > select the more options menu at the top right corner of the app > and select “Reboot recovery”.
  8. Now, we are going to enter into Recovery mode. Since the Nexus 6 is rooted you are mostly likely going to enter into TWRP Recovery.
    Please select “Wipe” > “Format Data” > type “yes” > “Go”.
    If you get a message “unable to mount /data”, you can reboot back into Recovery and do step 8 again.
  9. Finally, tap on the home button > “Reboot” > “System”. After the Nexus 6 fully boots up, your Nexus 6 will be unencrypted.To confirm that the forced encryption has been disabled, please go into Settings > Security > and under “Encryption”. Normally, it will say “Encrypt phone”. Tap on it and it will ask you if you want to start the encryption process.

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